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FACTS Online is a client engagement and secure client portal software that connects clients and businesses across Australia and the world, adding value, creating efficiencies, and enabling stakeholders to concentrate on the real work at hand.

At FACTS Online, we believe in getting things done locally, and the entire platform is developed, hosted and supported in Melbourne. Apart from the advantage of drinking the best coffee in the world with the people who built the software we sell, it means we can move fast, create new features for our clients and fix issues in a matter of hours, not days. Having full control of our codebase and data platform also means 100% control of data security in transit and at rest.

In recent years we relocated our servers to Microsoft Azure in Port Melbourne and AWS in Sydney. It provides scale and security credentials in line with the highest cloud computing standards. We retain control of 100% of our codebase. However, our clients are the owners of their data without exception.

A brief history of FACTS Online

Early days

FACTS Online was founded in 2003 to develop an early web calculator for the Australian Services Union. A team of Monash University graduates worked into the late hours of the night to meet a tight deadline. The project was a success, and the team decided to take the idea to accountancy and financial planning firms across the country.

Foundation and install base

The financial calculator product was a hit, and an install base of over 300 firms has been using the calculators daily. Even at this early stage, data retention and privacy become an issue, and an extensive security framework was built across the company and servers. It was also decided to retain all data on shore to comply with any regulations and to avoid the peering eye of foreign government agencies.

Secure client portal years

After a successful project for Sony Ericsson marketing agency, the team decided to develop FACTS Online as a secure client portal. Progressing through a long list of client requests and ideas, the team developed a corporate grade secure file transfer, marketing module and digital signature capabilities. Version 4 also included client-driven features such as branding and audit trail for clients and business users activities.

Client engagement platform

In recent years , the company embarked on a task to develop a full-scale client engagement tool. Adding up 17 years of true agile development with real client feedback from the field, the team cultivated the most successful modules to create a single point of access to all client interaction with a business. The platform enables our clients to replicate the 'good business' practices on the Internet. Version 11 introduces API and direct XERO connector, document automation, referral partners, client stories and system dashboard.

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