This policy applies to all FACTS Online products and services including all the website and applications owned by FACTS Online Pty Ltd. It also includes professional services, training and events provided by FACTS Online. We refer to all the above as "services" within this policy. Personal information means identifiable information about you. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, internet addresses, documents, notes and support requests. In cases when you can not be identified from data, this policy does not apply (for example the aggregated file counter at FACTS Online Website).

This notice may be updated from time to time to keep with current legislation and technology. Registered clients will receive an email-based notice and the most recent policy is always posted on this webpage. Last updates 06/02/2019

Who is FACTS Online?

When we refer to we, us or FACTS Online it means FACTS Online Pty Ltd and its directors and employees. Our offices based in Melbourne Australia, and our contact details can be found here

We provide the FACTS Online client engagement platform and its related services primarily to Australian businesses, however some of our clients retain overseas offices and consumers.

FACTS Online core data principals

FACTS Online was founded by information technology professionals who take data privacy and ownership very seriously. Our key principles are:
  • Security - All data secured to the highest standards, as per our data security policy. {link}
  • Authorised accessibility - Data access permissions are built from the ground up. All access is authorised by audited consent.
  • Confidentiality - We believe all data is given to us in confidence by the owners of the data.
  • Ownership - All subscriber data such as client base, documents and business relations are owned by the subscriber of FACTS Online.

Data collected by FACTS Online

When you use one of our services, we collect information about you, such as your contact details or business details. This information allows us to supply a service to you, and is only collected for this purpose. You may refuse to hand over personal data, however it might mean you will not be able to use some areas of our service or will be unable to receive the service at all (for example our free trial).

Your billing information, such as bank and credit card details, are stored by St George Bank and are only accessible to us on a token-based basis.

Our systems also collect automated information about you when you log in to the service, for example your IP, Device type and login timestamp. We also record actions you performed within the application and record those in your audit trail. In cases of Digital Signatures, we may collect your geolocation (with consent) to enhance your signature authentication. We may use aggregated data of your behaviour to improve the service and our user experience. FACTS Online does not use cookies in its service and your session information is linked to a single-use login token, which expires once you log out from the service.

Your personal information may be provided to us by our business subscribers (within their FACTS Online license), for example client lists loaded into the service. If you don't have a relationship with us, but your personal information has been used by one of our subscribers, you need to contact the subscriber for any questions about your personal information.

How your data is being used

We use your personal data to provide the FACTS Online service and maintain our business relationship with you. We may also use your personal information to:
  • Communicate with you as part of FACTS Online service, be it software notifications, emails, training materials or other email from us.
  • Updates and operational emails about our service, such as changes in modules, security updates or new feature announcements.
  • Marketing communication about new services provided by FACTS Online.
  • Feedback about our service
  • Technical or billing support by our team, be it via the service email or telephone.
  • Collection of your activities in your audit trail to be used by you or the subscriber.
  • Aggregated data about your behaviour within the service to improve our service and enhance the user experience.
  • Protect your account as part of our security policy, for example, failed logins into your account.

Is your data being shared?

In some cases, we may need to share your personal data with third parties. Your data will be disclosed in the following cases:
  • Service providers assisting us with the provision of the FACTS Online service. For example, the underlying digital signature authority for our digital signature module.
  • Regulators, law enforcement bodies government agencies or organisations assisting with law and regulatory standards of our service.
  • Other people you have consented to share information with.

Overseas data transfers

FACTS Online is 100% owned, developed and hosted in Australia. If you connect to our service via an Australian Internet service provider (ISP), your data is kept on-shore at transit as well as at rest. If you are connect via an overseas ISP, your data (such as IP and timestamp) may be collected by foreign authorities in transit. However, transit data is protected by our secure socket layer (SSL).

Data retention

The length of time we retain your data depends on the service provided to you. We may be required to retain your data in our system after you cancel your account in line with legal or regulatory requirements. We may also retain your opt-out from marketing communication in line with the Australian anti-spam regulation.

Your rights

You have several rights related to your personal data. You may opt-out from any marketing communication from us. You can:
  • Request any information about you and that it is up to date.
  • Request a copy of your personal data (via a subscriber of FACTS Online).
  • Object to the retention of your personal data by us.

In any case, use the contact details below to let us know if you have any privacy concerns.

Contact us

If you have any concerns about your data and how we protect your privacy contact us via any of the following channels: 1300 161 208 (overseas clients +61  3 9909 7029)

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