Consolidate services

Consolidate client facing services

Consolidate client-facing services and provide a unified client experience to your digital clients.

Multiple client-facing services confuse your clients, create maintenance overhead and increased training costs. FACTS Online platform delivers a single point of contact for your digital clients and staff.

Licensing costs

Check the impact of service consolidation on your licensing costs

Team users

  The Opposition* FACTS Online
Secure file transfer Dropbox/OneDrive $17.50 Included
Digital signature DocuSign/Adobe sign $14.95 Included
Forms and document automation Canvas $20.00 Included
Marketing MailChimp/Campaign monitor (1000 clients) $20.00 Included
Data sovereignty $10.87** Included
Cost per user per month $83.32
Total cost per month $ $2000000
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* Prices as of May 2019. Prices quoted are base packages in AUD.

**Australian based hosting is 15% dearer then overseas due to the high costs of operating in Australia. Hosting data offshore may breach data sovereignty requirements.

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