Transformation without disruption

What is digital disruption?

Digital disruption occurs when new technologies disturb existing business models or service delivery methods to create new market opportunities.

Innovative disruption Cannibalisation disruption
When a new technology replaces an entire sector or industry, for example, digital photography vs film. When a digital platform captures a client base and subcontracts the work to local businesses.

This model is not sustainable. It creates a layer of intermediates with disproportional force in the marketplace.

Check the impact on revenue and balance sheet

Digital disruption impact on revenue

Are you ready for "disruption shock"?

Your revenue $ 
Digital disruptor commission  %
Payment gateway/paypal  %

  Global disruptors FACTS Online
Commission 20% * $2000000 = $2000000
Licensing $499 * 12 = $2000000
Payment gateway 1.2% * $2000000 = $2000000
Total per annum $2000000 $2000000
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Digital disruption impact on balance sheet

Are you risking the long term health of your balance sheet for a short term revenue gain?

Intangible asset Global disruptors FACTS Online
Brand identity The brand name is tarnished and hidden under the global brand Your brand is front and centre across all client interactions.
Repeating loyal client base Clients do not value the business and become price or "rate" shoppers. Digital clients operate directly with the business, which increases brand loyalty.
Vendor and distribution network Global company oversee referral network (and takes a cut). The business controls its referral network via the platform.
Website The business website never visited by clients. Service is provided by disruptor. Your website becomes the launchpad for all client interaction.
Technology, systems, and processes Technology is controlled by the disruptor. FACTS Online open platform integrate with practice management or general ledger systems.
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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation converts a traditional business to a digital one. When done right, it elevates business assets to the world of true digital business practices.

FACTS Online transforms professional service business such as accountants and legal firms to digital without losing sight of existing intangible assets and client relations.

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