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FACTS Online integrates seamlessly into your website to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website.

See examples:

Hill Legal

DKP & Co Chartered Accountants

How-to Integrate FACTS Online to your website

Step 1: Create a login page

  • Create a web page within your website titled Secure portal
  • Add a tab to the main navigational bar named 'Secure Portal' and point it to the page created

Note: In case you are using a single page website you may create an anchor location

Step 2: Set login URL and copy embedded script

  • Login to FACTS Online via your dedicated URL or our main login
  • Once login. Click "Settings" (top right corner), Branding (top navigation) and "Website" (secondary navigation)
  • Tick "Enable website integration"
  • Enter URL of the page created at Step 1 (above)
  • Copy "Embedded script" to your clipboard and save to file

Step 3: Insert Embedded script

  • Paste the Embedded script into the content area of the page created at step 1.

Advanced developers: You may also use HTML and JavaScript code to style FACTS Online further. This task will require knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Contact FACTS Online Support.

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